Oakmont Hills is governed by its homeowners through the Oakmont Hills Homeowners Association, Inc. (HOA).  The members of the association, by and through its elected Board of Directors, is responsible for administering and enforcing the covenants, conditions and restrictions enumerated in the Declaration, below, as well as generally ensuring the operation and maintenance of the property and common properties. Please refer to the governing documents, below, for details.

Governing Documents

The Board may be reached by email at board@oakmonthills.com.

Homeowner Projects

The Declaration provides the framework for the development and continued maintenance of the community, ensuring that all projects are done in manner that maintains and enhances the value of the properties. To implement that framework, the Architecture Committee provides oversight of all homeowner construction projects. To initiate a project, please complete this form and send it to architecture@oakmonthills.com:

Please ensure your project complies with the CC&Rs prior to submitting your application. Contact the Board if you have any questions.

The City of Keller may also impose requirements on your project. Please contact Building Services to determine what permits and fees are required, and obtain city approval of your project prior to contacting the Architecture Committee. Development and construction in the City of Keller is governed by the Unified Development Code.

Other Reference Documents